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Go Canucks Go!

Well here it is about 24 hours before game 6 in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. I am sitting on pins and needles for two reasons tonight.

Firstly my team since the early 1990’s, the Vancouver Canucks,  is one game away from winning the whole shebang and secondly Winnipeg is getting its team back.

I must admit in all honesty that I was never a huge hockey fan growing up, yes I used to sit on my Dad’s knee and steal sips of beer while we watched hockey.  But I was more interested in Peter Puck than the actual games back then.

Yes as every good Canadian boy does I laced up my skates in the back yard, but I was never much of a player.  My ankles always bothered me as they still do, and I spent more time on my ass as I did upright.

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The waters be rising

Yes the spring melt is here and this is not so much a blog post as a public alert.

The province of Manitoba has a webpage here to  alert any and all to imminent flooding.

More direct and to the point CTV also has an update page.

Also our nations broadcast centre CBC has a Manitoba flood warning page.

Good luck to you all, and grab your bailing cans.  Here comes hell.