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Wishing all of you a Bloggy New Year

Well, here it is December 30th only one more day in the old year to come before a new one is born screaming and kicking.  What have I learned?

Baby New Year... Who wants a kiss??

Well for starters, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  In a few random tests I found out that I do indeed have a couple of lurkers hanging about in the weeds.  One of them pokes her catty head up from time to time but she’s no bother.  I have my own voice now and my own followers so BULLY for me!! YAY

I also have learned that I am not the only fish in this pond, I indeed have migrated out into the big ol’ sea that is the Internet and have found many a friend.  I can count many, but some that I will name by heart are Ivy, Singlegirlie Nurse Myra, Wandering Menace, Redawna,Nikki, and Tamethatman.  How I ever got such a following of women I have no idea.  But the fact remains, I rock women and the Norwegian!  Go Figure!!

Of the two I figure that the Norwegians are the easier of the two to figure out and I still have no idea why they like me so much.  Women I guess are attracted to my easy going nature and my love of animals.  HMMM did I actually say I loved animals??  Well Sheep do know my name after all. Bahhhb is so easy to say.

Kidding Kidding I kid cause I love.  I love you all my friends! Unlikely saints and sinners, whores and fiends.  What you lack in moral fortitude you make up for with plain fun.   I live vicariously through you one and all.  Through bad break ups, or moving up north. I follow each and every word.

Anyways, I just wanted to give a big ol hug to everyone that has supported me this year, I was down and out until a few of you found me lying on the proverbial mat and picked me up and dusted me off.  Seems like a major theme in my life this year.

Flat Out...

I have found love, we farted about… well I farted about. (Read kicked and screamed and lived on couches till I came around)  Till she finally got me.  Pinned me down and made me realize that I could actually be a better person with her.  Hmmm love is strange that way.

Ahh Love

So all of you who follow me, hate me, and love me.  To everyone I wish you all with equal measure a very happy new year.  May your cups run over with kindness and your hearts be full also.

Happy 2011 one and all!


Happy New Year!