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Of Easter Eggs and Spring Spheres

Well once again it seems the heavy hand of political correctness has seen fit to squash another one of our beloved western cultural quasi-religious observances.

Believe it or not this time the muzzle is being forced on our furry friend the Easter Bunny. In an attempt to further confuse children an unnamed school in Seattle would not allow a 16-year-old volunteer to pass out Easter treats this past week and call them Easter Eggs. Instead apparently the youth was directed to call the egg-shaped candies Spring Spheres. The reasoning for this was to wash any taint of religion from the kids search for treats.

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Get over it Avatar is just a movie afterall.

What ever happened to the good ol’ days when a person could go out to a film at the local theater, grab a bucket of greasy overpriced popcorn, and turn off the brain for a couple of hours.

It seems to me that like Stan Lee’s creation Spider-Man is fond of saying, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.  Well Looks like Canadian director James Cameron has found himself in possession of some great power.   His tour de force Avatar is breaking worldwide box office records and garnering the movie a few detractors along the way.

Avatar Imax 3D Poster

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