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Happy 145th Birthday Canada: a photoblog from the Forks Market

In case any of you were wondering how I was spending my incredibly gorgeous long weekend, wonder no longer.  Today Dar and I decided to take a short hop down to the Forks Market and take in a few of the festivities marking the 145th birthday of Canada.  Locally known as Canada Day, it’s a great excuse to have a bbq or crack a couple of cold ones and enjoy the 30 degree heat.

You’ll hardly ever hear a Winnipeger complain about the heat though, after a good solid 6 months of darkness and winter cold it takes a good few weeks of 30 Celsius weather to thaw out our Canadian bones and get us primed for summer.

As you would expect on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon, the Forks Market was packed, the food vendors were out in full force and the beverages were indeed flowing.

Esplanade Louis Riel

The Esplanade Louis Riel (Louis Riel Bridge) is one of the newer architectural centerpieces of Downtown/St Boniface area.  It’s dramatic cable stay pedestrian bridge complete with restaurant and spire draw many tourist and photographers alike to the core of the city.

Located at the East end of Esplanade Louis Riel, La Crêperie Du Pont is a great choice for a deliciously thin crepe for breakfast or a pick me up snack.

Esplanade Louis Riel from St Boniface.

Enjoying a lovely crêpe for breakfast.

City skyline and Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

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Doing hard time in a Western Democracy.

Been working in a coal mine, going down down down.  I be working in a coal mine…..

Man I feel tired, just like the man said so many years ago.  When that song was penned.   Life in a democracy is so tiring.

To the south of us Canadians, the United States is swimming in self inflicted debt.  Like a drowning junkie flailing about hoping to grab on to anyone that will give him a fix.

Meanwhile In Canada.  It seems like we are election bound AGAIN. Minority governments are so easily toppled so off we go, to vote in a new leader of the week.

But having said that, I guess Canada is doing pretty well lately so I should not complain.  Overall our jobless rate is down, and our economy is chugging along nicely in spite of the global economic crunch.  Sorry Iceland, your people are always welcome in Gimli though.

So why are we electing a government again?

Very simply because we can.  Not that I want to vote, or anyone here really needs to.  But we can just the same.  We are just that easy.

Steven Harper our current crush

Like a date, ya know the kind.  Sure she was an easy lay, she blew you on the first date and even swallowed.  YAY!  But then you get bored.  Or at least your friends do.  Get rid of her they chant.

The Chief Bitch Du Jour Miss Iggy

So goes the ups and downs of Canada, in a minority parliamentary system the friends can vote out your lay.  She’s a slut, get rid of her.


But then all your friends get to vote you in a new friend. YAAYYY.

I guess???  But thing is the old girl could still get in, so WTF??

You don’t get it?  Neither do I.

Welcome to Canada Bitches.

Get over it Avatar is just a movie afterall.

What ever happened to the good ol’ days when a person could go out to a film at the local theater, grab a bucket of greasy overpriced popcorn, and turn off the brain for a couple of hours.

It seems to me that like Stan Lee’s creation Spider-Man is fond of saying, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.  Well Looks like Canadian director James Cameron has found himself in possession of some great power.   His tour de force Avatar is breaking worldwide box office records and garnering the movie a few detractors along the way.

Avatar Imax 3D Poster

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