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Up and Running

Hey everybody I feel like a newborn baby deer on untried legs so please stay with me and be patient.  We have our computer again, actually thanks to the great staff at 360 computers here in Winnipeg we have a brand new most excellent mid-range model that I am still trying to figure out.

When I was say 20 I could dive in and just know what to do, actually that’s a lie I was never very good at programming.  But with time comes knowledge and I hope to be pecking away at this new keyboard with less intensity in trying to find the keys, the old one was broken in so nicely!

Oh well, as always I have a million ideas in my brain to write about. James Bond‘s connection to Winnipeg, The Jets return home and what ever else grabs my mind that’s tasty and good.

I do apologize for the lack of good content over the last summer spell, but until you have tried to do a 600 word post on a iPhone or android device you have no idea what I’ve been struggling with.

To my blogging faithful who have stuck with me through thick and thin I thank you for your ongoing support.

See you soon and with pictures!!!