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Playing for bronze.


I just finished watching the women’s soccer match today pitting an underdog Canadian squad vs the American number one ranked team.  No one expected much of a match from Canada.  Let’s face it we haven’t beaten team USA in almost a decade on the soccer pitch.

But let me tell you something just the same, today our women in white gave the Red White and Blue a run that they will probably never forget.  We held our ground in the middle and in the ends, we withstood horrible calls and still fought on.

Canada was not expected to show up let alone perform at these games and yet the courageous women on the pitch took one, two and three goals vs the American squad. Something that had not yet happened in these games.

Christine Sinclair flies on the pitch in London!

Corners, elbows and rough play became clear in the match as it became personal.  Words were exchanged, Canada struck first, then again and again. Only to be matched by the United States.

Extra time was called, and penalty shots loomed but still Canada persisted.
Like a pesky mutt chewing at your leg, Canada kept punching above its weight. Striving for a win and a hope for Gold.  We kept fighting and fighting and will yet again.

Alas in the last-minute of extra time America headed a shot into our goal.  But against all odds Canada stood tall and shoved back we did not go easily into the dark of night.  We will fight for bronze and we will give it our all, and if we play our best we will win.

After all for Canada it’s not about winning all the big matches, we are a big nation but a humble people.  It’s about punching the elephant in the nose when it’s about to roll over on the mouse.   It may one day squish us, but it’s sure going to feel sore about doing it.

Way to go, Christine, Melissa, and all the rest of you.  I watched you battle and I lived and cried with you all.
GO Canada GO!


Yayy Canada!! Gold!

I know I have been away for a little bit, but I have just come off a vacation week in the camping in the country and now a half week spent on some home renovations and relaxation.

Rosie MacLennan wins Canada’s first gold medal of the 2012 Olympic games in London.

But Yayyyy Canada! First gold medal!!  Rosie MacLennan won a great victory over the Chinese who took Silver and Bronze in ladies trampoline skills. We were all on the edges of our seats this morning as she bounced her way to victory.

Ryan Cochrane wins silver in the grueling mens 1500 Meter freestyle.

Also Silver in the pool with Ryan Cochrane who dug deep with a split second silver win over Oussama Mellouli.
Way to win Canada.  Let’s get some more!!