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Yayy Canada!! Gold!

I know I have been away for a little bit, but I have just come off a vacation week in the camping in the country and now a half week spent on some home renovations and relaxation.

Rosie MacLennan wins Canada’s first gold medal of the 2012 Olympic games in London.

But Yayyyy Canada! First gold medal!!  Rosie MacLennan won a great victory over the Chinese who took Silver and Bronze in ladies trampoline skills. We were all on the edges of our seats this morning as she bounced her way to victory.

Ryan Cochrane wins silver in the grueling mens 1500 Meter freestyle.

Also Silver in the pool with Ryan Cochrane who dug deep with a split second silver win over Oussama Mellouli.
Way to win Canada.  Let’s get some more!!

Was Harry Houdini America’s first international super spy?

There is a great deal of recent speculation on the life and times of one of magic’s greatest legends, Harry Houdini.  It seems that new information has come to light on things that governments don’t like to talk about.  Espionage.

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Reaching for the White Ribbon

The White Ribbon Campaign is a Canadian effort that has spread to over 55 countries world-wide.  The effort is based on the ideal that no woman should ever be hurt by a man. Idealistic yes, but a very achievable goal none the less.

Born from the memory of the École Polytechnique Massacre where on December 6, 1989 Marc Lépine walked into the school armed with a Mini-14 rifle and a grudge against women. He shot at 28  people before killing himself.

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Lest We Forget: Sergent Tommy Prince – Canada’s almost forgotten hero.

Given that this coming week is Remembrance week culminating with Remembrance Day on Friday Nov, 11. I thought it fitting that I spotlight one of Canada’s and indeed Manitoba’s greatest fighting men.

How does a person sum up the life of one of the most decorated soldiers in Canadian history?  Especially when he was treated as a second class citizen in the country of his birth.

Reconnaissance Sergent Tommy Prince

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God’s speed Jack

Jack Layton making NDP transit announcement.

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I will admit right off the hop here that I was not a political believer in Jack Layton.  His leanings to my mind are a little bit left of what I personally believe the Canadian public can afford right now.

OK, disclaimer done.

Other than his beliefs, I LOVED Jack Layton, he took the political stage by storm like no one since dare I say Pierre.  He grabbed voters by the scruff and woke them up, with his cane and dashing good looks.

Today’ s Canadian capital hill crowd in Ottawa is vanilla by comparison. Just take a look at Steven Harper, ya the PM tries to get on stage but nothing can compare to Jack and Olivia taking care of business.

A born politician Jack had a great right wing to call on early,  yet he chose the left wing.  His own family having great membership to call upon, yet he followed a higher calling.
Would I vote for Jack, probably not.  But would I sit and have not one beer but a case with the man and invite my friends, you bet your ass Jack.

To Jack Layton, not just a man, but an idea.

Hip hip, to Jack.

And to the NDP you had THE JACK!

Much love to parties of all stripes on this sad day.