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Wait my American friend…are you a Republican.

I have been blogging now on and off for a few number of years now and having grown up on the border with International Falls, Minnesota I know not to talk politics.

Then last night happened and I see that a significant number of my friends are going ape shit crazy. Yes we all have our beliefs and our biases but Come on Man let’s be real.

As any of you who have read me in the past know that I am open to honest debate and a conversation of the minds. Last night was a three year old trying to sling mud on a senior student. I actually didn’t watch it at all. Yesterday was my 51st birthday and I decided to spare myself the agony of the whole thing and just watch the low lights today.

Now don’t get me wrong I support an exciting political discourse. But what happened yesterday was the exact opposite of that. I have tried to be kind about what the civilized world thinks about the USA these days and it is not good and hasn’t been for the last 3 years to be blunt.

From where the civilized world sits America is being run into the ground by a megalomaniac who wants to drag the rest of the world into his pile of shit. Or even more tragic is that he is so stuck in his own head that he does not even know that he is doing it. What is worse my friends?

In either case it is not good for you and it is not good for us. Like it or not we all trade with the United States. We all have family or other loved ones there. To see this tyrant rant and rage on world wide television only does one man benefit. Putin.

Think what you will about television ratings and the unhinged bleating of this man child. It only plays in one way. To Russia.

The land of the free, for now.

I am not an American, I do not follow your guns and booze mentality. But I do follow peace, justice and good government. Sadly today the world lost someone who stood for exactly that.

The world is really messed up these days and we need someone in power to stand up for those ideals we claim to believe in.

As far as I could tell not being an American, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was exactly that. I watch my fair share of news in Canada and a good portion is American. I see your political struggles and I mostly laugh at your inept systems.

But I also recognize those amongst you who stand above. RBG was one, I cannot quote her chapter and verse but I’m not a God fearing Christian. I am a God loving Canadian.

I only know that she did what she thought was right, tried to move rights forward and make a more equal society and for a life that is more than enough.

Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond.

Well it’s Bob again…I have been watching the most precious Boy. He is hardly a week old. He has so much love around him, including myself. I always wonder why mom gave me away.

I had a dream family. I really did. We were working class, but we had fun. Fishing, going boating. Those were real family moments.

Those moments I want for little Wes. The things we remember. Those things we want forever.

Canada please bring the cold soon.

Dear Canada please bring the cold. Our neighbors are getting noisy again. Too much loud noise, and for gods sake shut up that crazy old man who lives downstairs.

Bloody hell since he moved in it’s been nothing but commotion. Screaming like the joker in some damn Batman sequel. That he was never in but is still a fucking joke today.

I may have said this to many people over the years but I believe it to be true, cold is Canada’s greatest asset. It keeps the assholes out.

Come on big dudes, walk in thigh deep snow hunting, or to grab a case of beer.

Just because you carry a gun does not make you a man.

I guess the point I am making is that you don’t have to carry a weapon to be a man. To be a man is to do what you can is to make things better.

Well we see the dollars

With strife in the street and people being beaten by police. Now is the time to change?

Money talks I guess, I have been saying for at least 10 years that America has been gutted by moving jobs overseas. It’s basic math. How much can I make if my labour is cut in half. Well buddy as you cough and choke. The guy you may have supported is making millions. But he crouds you to get infected.