Too Many Guns, Not enough Education.

I’ll be honest I’ve stewed about writing this for a few days. Should I, shouldn’t I. But it’s become very clear that radical change is needed in America.

I am not promoting violence or uprising but pure and simple education.

I do not blame the radicals who attacked the seat of American democracy. I however cast suspicion upon the uneducated society that raised them.

All nations have people who disagree in a logical I get what you are saying in a dialogue. But you have to be aware of what your opponent is saying. Consider it and form a response.

Sadly last Wednesday this was not evident.

As I said I do not blame directly the people in that mob, I am sure they were fed many ideas that coalesced into action.

The real blame lies in the educational systems and lack there of in giving those involved access to critical thinking.

I had a history professor in University who taught me one thing above all others. To think critically. To think before acting. Now sadly this has not always been my strong point but at least I have a framework.

As is known around the world the American educational system is weak and prone to deficiency.

The slide to violence and mob rule show this quite clearly.

Now this is not the case across the board. I have many bright and educated American family and friends. But putting profits ahead of everything else may have worked at the turn of previous centuries may have worked then. But today is different and I really really hope you all catch up.

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