Wait my American friend…are you a Republican.

I have been blogging now on and off for a few number of years now and having grown up on the border with International Falls, Minnesota I know not to talk politics.

Then last night happened and I see that a significant number of my friends are going ape shit crazy. Yes we all have our beliefs and our biases but Come on Man let’s be real.

As any of you who have read me in the past know that I am open to honest debate and a conversation of the minds. Last night was a three year old trying to sling mud on a senior student. I actually didn’t watch it at all. Yesterday was my 51st birthday and I decided to spare myself the agony of the whole thing and just watch the low lights today.

Now don’t get me wrong I support an exciting political discourse. But what happened yesterday was the exact opposite of that. I have tried to be kind about what the civilized world thinks about the USA these days and it is not good and hasn’t been for the last 3 years to be blunt.

From where the civilized world sits America is being run into the ground by a megalomaniac who wants to drag the rest of the world into his pile of shit. Or even more tragic is that he is so stuck in his own head that he does not even know that he is doing it. What is worse my friends?

In either case it is not good for you and it is not good for us. Like it or not we all trade with the United States. We all have family or other loved ones there. To see this tyrant rant and rage on world wide television only does one man benefit. Putin.

Think what you will about television ratings and the unhinged bleating of this man child. It only plays in one way. To Russia.

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