The land of the free, for now.

I am not an American, I do not follow your guns and booze mentality. But I do follow peace, justice and good government. Sadly today the world lost someone who stood for exactly that.

The world is really messed up these days and we need someone in power to stand up for those ideals we claim to believe in.

As far as I could tell not being an American, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was exactly that. I watch my fair share of news in Canada and a good portion is American. I see your political struggles and I mostly laugh at your inept systems.

But I also recognize those amongst you who stand above. RBG was one, I cannot quote her chapter and verse but I’m not a God fearing Christian. I am a God loving Canadian.

I only know that she did what she thought was right, tried to move rights forward and make a more equal society and for a life that is more than enough.

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