Long Time Coming

Being a drone for most of my life, a wage slave buckled to work like most of my readers are this whole farce makes me scared and sick.  There are many many excuses and left and right issues that confuse the issue of where American jobs are going.

I not for a drop dead second am saying that this Covid-19 is coming from a plot. All I am saying is that the vast majority of the American people have been lied to and confused by people at the top selling snake oil.

Remember those old movies, a guy in a tent or a wagon selling this and promising that? Well people we are here.  Like it or not, me a Canadian can smell the plunder I can smell the greed that is seeping into a country who proclaims it is the best in the world.

I hate to tell you bub, a country that does not take care of his fellow man based on the fatness of his wallet is wrong and inferior.  The character of a country and the measure of the march of any army is always defined by the slowest in the ranks.

Some leaders leave them behind, others find ways to bring them in and make a unified force.

I know I haven’t been talking much lately, but honestly nothing has inspired me. Yes Canada is a wonderful land and as much as pretend not to like it America is indeed a land of ideas and strength.   But the world is watching and y’all got to get your shit together.

Otherwise who really knows? Russia, China it’s a huge fucking gamble at this point.

Dropping the mike.



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