Tic Tic Tic

Is it just me or does every person who suffers with anxiety and depression. The two go hand in hand in my experience. Have an obsessive clock watching component?

I am always counting down to something, morning, work, appointments.  It is fucking exhausting and futile. If any of you see me out and about with out a watch and I am not on vacation RUN.

I have come to find that my time obsession and anxiety are evil partners. Unless I am in extremely comfortable circumstances.  I try to refuse to be late, I always try to leave early.  Much to the consternation of my previous partners.

When on the odd occasion I puff reefer I tend to get worse, I can recall having a puff or two before a concert and my lady friend and I were in a bar not 5 minutes away trying to enjoy a beverage.  I was getting extremely agitated that we would be late.  We had PLENTY of time to get to the venue but still my mind went to check constantly the time. Long short of it, we made it in plenty of time and Crosby Stills Nash were great!

But even when I am church straight I am always checking my time. Tonight I am trying to enjoy a program but it gets past 10 and I go in to counting down mode.  How much sleep do I need, how many hours are left. I dunno it’s just the way my fucked up brain works.

If any of you have similar issues I can really relate.

Love you all




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