Back to work and loving it!

It’s funny that when we are to close to something after a while years or more it seems to chaffe at our skin. I think we are all l I me that to one degree or another until you are separated by choice or by force.

Something you loved became something you tolerated, and then something popped. That something was almost my sanity.

The funny thing about my emotional break is that I loved what I do, I generally like the people I work with and the atmosphere provided by my company. I love building airplanes.

So when things really took me down I went hard, so hard I barely came back.

I’ve had weeks where I haven’t opened the blinds or showered. People ask why I’ve lost weight, I tell them I’m on the stress diet.

It’s nice to be poking a toe back into the land of the living, don’t yell at me just yet. I’m still getting my feet wet.

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