OK Time for a piss break.

America, literally what the fuck. Does the world need to give you a slap?

The land of the free the home of the brave….Ok But Seig Heil Trump? That’s just a little bit to twilight zone for Lil ol me. Yet this shit is actually happening. FUCK, dudes I thought Illinois Nazis were only in the Blues Brothers. I had no idea they were hiding in closets and under stairs like people (Notice I Didn’t Say Black People) waiting for the underground railroad.

Every time I see a demonstration by ANY group against another, Black, White, Green Fuckin Purple it makes my skin crawl.

Once upon a long time ago I was the boss on a minor job. My assistant, once we were up and working on ladders turned to me and thanked me. I asked what the hell for? He replied because you treat me like a human being. Granted he had substance issues, but I told him he was doing a fine today. He was expecting a boss that hated him, part native. He said as much, I said I didn’t fucking care if he was purple as long as he did the job and did it to expectations. He was an excellent partner.

There always is a time to take a piss break. Time to take a reflection of what’s happening in your own personal world. Really what is life but some Billions of individual world’s bumping around.

We all encounter people who are different, and I’ll be the first to say I didn’t know if “those heathen bastards would fit in” Then we had a beer and a few years went by, funny that when you drink.

Did the world go all to crap were our jobs gone? Fuck no, those smart buggers started buisness that hired people. How the hell did they do that you may ask. Hard fucking work, just like the families that came before us.

Bottom line to the Alt Right, New Nazis or whatever you call it. New people are ALWAYS coming always have, always will.

Check your fucking drivers license for where you came from and it will always say Africa. Time and natural evolution. …say it with me class.

EVOLUTION, has made us who we are, there is No White Race? As much as Nascar or Fox Needs you to believe it.

There is no such thing as Race other than Human. FULL STOP.

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