A kiss on the top of the head goodnight.

A simple kiss can say so much on how it’s given.  In actual fact I have only given that special kiss to one very special girl.  It’s about caring and kindness, safety and security.  And I’m crying as I write this tonight.

All I feel for that special girl was taken away from you in a split second. All the love, hope, safety, and independence was taken away in a heartbeat in a bomb blast.  

I grive for the mothers and fathers who cannot put their daughters to sleep in safety tonight. For those whose bedtime kisses have been stolen away for eternity. 

There are no words to take away that screaming pain, nothing I can say will make it better or bring them back to your everloving arms. 

All I can say is I stand beside you as someone who cares and someone who will grieve with you. Even if I am half a world away. 

With love and remerance.


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