How hockey saved my sanity

I’m a Canadian, hockey is in my DNA.  I live for the crunch of the playoffs.  Reagular season not so much over a half year season.
Football however in the St Boniface years learned that every play matters.  Every offside every toe over the line means something that in a game must be accounted for.

I guess in many ways I’m a hockey person, I like to have the flow of the game.  That back and fourth.

Others view it like grid iron, a fixed non changing game of control and dominance. When your up your up. And when your opponent is down, you take every option to kick the opportunity to kick them in the balls. I’ve learned football very well from my mentors. Some hits go too far, there are rules to every game and everyone puts a toe or a leg.

I had hoped that both Bombers and Jets could ebb and flow, but it’s not possible.  Different seasons different goals.  Sometimes they both cry Yes Winnipeg. But hardly together.

GO Jets next year with the picks, go Bombers with the trades.

Hopefully both will win in the very near future.



But come spring either you dig in or just ebb and flow.

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