Blocking talk

There are some things about the Canadian legal system I just don’t understand and there are some things I absolutely understand.
When a couple implodes there is no mechanism for discussion, none zero zip.

Believe it or not I respect that tradition it keeps men and women safe from harm.  But it also limits, within limits the socal and legal resolution of a relationship.

When a safe and sane couple can’t talk even with a chaperone it just leads to the fueling of bitter feelings until the resolution is done.
I’m not talking about reconciliation, just the reclamation of assets.

When both parties are grieving a relationship a quick and simple division of shared assets should be available before it becomes a he said she said battle.

Unfortunately I’m in that mess, she has a sizable hold on my goods and other than good will I just have to wave by by.

I hope that cool heads prevail,  I don’t wish my partner harm.  I want her to thrive and grow.

But we can’t have both sides, let go or hold on tight

We all work to be better people, and I know you did to.

I still love you , perhaps we could start with a talk.

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