Opening up

We all have pockets of our past that we don’t like and we have parts of ourselves that we are so proud of that we want to shine like the sun.
Sorry for the pause I had to put my glasses on.

Sharing is hard it’s not easy to show the people that
You love the soft underbelly,  but we move on through life. Sometimes sharing making mistakes as we all do.

But how do we get open the point that we expose the best and worst of out selves.

It’s sometimes easier to share a dark tale with someone you just met.  But it’s hard when hearts and egos on both sides are involved.
A Stanger yes easy, but to share your biggest faults with someone who you are close to or even intimate with is incredibly hard.

At least it is for me, I’m not going to rant about openness and all that. I am just saying in most of us he scars build up and it’s very hard to heal.

I know that my regular readers view me as light hearted but beneath that hard exterior is someone who hurts, wants to give love and just wants to heal.

One day at a time.

All for now Bobby

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