We Love, we Grieve, We Stand together. Because we can.

Today is a day we as Canadians should all stand united.

I say that on the eve of remembrance knowing that will never be true.

Canada is a fractured country, it always has been and it always will be. From the two solitudes of French and English that laid the foundations of this country to the regional strife we battle today.

That is the problem that is Canada and also its solution.

Unlike many nations around the world Canada since my birth has embraced the idea of a mosaic society. Allowing many cultures to blend into one fabric.

We live as one nation, fractured, separated, apart, but some how blending as a whole.  What would be nation states in other parts of the world fighting yet united as a whole.

Hard to understand when seen apart of a nation but somehow working together, never seamless, never united always fractured.  But always working for the greater good.

We have lost, we grieve.
We stand together because we can.

We love, we labor. We stand together because we can

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