Winnipeg Indie Music Lovers Rejoice: The Real Love Music Festival is Almost Here!

Real Love ButtonWinnipeg has always been a hotbed of musical innovation.  From the 60’s community club scene that saw The Guess Who and Neil Young dominating the Rock and Roll charts.  To smaller bands like The Jury who never quite got the big break they deserved.  Some music scholars have theorized that it’s all part of the isolation Winnipeg enjoys geographically and meteorologically.  Let’s face it although Winnipeg is in the center of the continent we’re in the middle of nowhere and our winters can be brutally extreme.

What this does to people is debatable but one thing is for sure it breeds creativity.  The Real Love Music festival, happening June 6-8th, is proof of that in spades.  Taking place at Gimli Motorsports Park in Gimli, Manitoba The Real Love Festival hopes to give people of all ages and backgrounds an affordable and memorable music experience.

Real Love Festival Poster

In speaking with one of the festival organizers Gil Carroll I learned that a full weekend pass is only $20.00 and that a that day passes for Friday or Saturday are only $15.00 with Sunday’s abbreviated day costing only $5.00.  I can clearly see that this is a project of love and not money.  It’s impossible to go the movies for less than $20.00 so a full weekend of funky indie tunes for that price is an unbelievable bargain.  Camping is also being accommodated on sight but requires an e-mail request via to reserve a camping site.  General inquiries can be sent to Real Love Winnipeg Contact Us.

As of today 27 acts have been listed to perform at the Real Love Music festival including.

Black Cloud
Joe Madden
Kieran West
Man The Selector
Matt Moskal
Micah Erenberg
Richard Inman
Toemas Seffenhofer
Valley Girl Special
The following local companies and student unions have also generously supported the Festival, I love anything that supports local business and diversity so please support these great local organizations.
Flatlanders Coffee Co. 
Golden Boy Hot Sandwiches
Gracie’s Kawaii Charms
Moe & Mumby Made
Good Intentions Baking Co.
The Uniter 
Splash Printing
So in a nutshell if you’re into the Indie Music scene you owe it to yourself and your friends to check out what is undoubtedly going to be an incredible weekend of local flavours and music.  All for the bargain basement price of $20.00!  Gimli, Manitoba get ready here we come!
How Do I Get to Gimli Motorsports Park Bob?? – Click Here for Directions







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  1. So did you go, Bob? This sounds right up my alley.