Getting on just, getting on

Hey all.

Sorry I haven’t been around much these last few months. It’s been a hard winter, tons of snow and brutally cold.  Even for Winnipeg which should speak volumes for those of you who know the northern latitudes.

But it’s been more than just cold, it’s been hard.  As some of you know my mom has breast cancer.  She’s a brave soul and had a mastectomy, she’s fighting it head on.  As she always does. Honestly she’s the strongest person I’ve ever known.

I guess we all could say that about our moms, they have to be tough in their own ways. Bend but never break.  Loving and compassionate, but hard as nails when pushed.

I am planning on doing more writing and much more photography in the future.So I hope you all can put up with my silly shots of Winnipeg.

Thanks for hanging in with me.



4 responses to “Getting on just, getting on

  1. Take your time and come back strong…

  2. I was reading your William Stephenson series on here and it was awesome. You had me at the title. I was trying to comment on the actual section but I was having trouble finding the comment section, so I went here. Sorry, I’m an idiot.

    • So glad you liked the William Stephenson posts Andrew. You may also like my posts on Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

      • Will definitely have to check them out. I’m fascinated by Houdini. I just found out recently he did movies too, and one of them is streaming on Netflix.