Snow everywhere and not a drop to drink.

As most of you know Winnipeg is a resilient town. We can take our cold to otherworldly extremes.  Snow piled up to our roof tops, and having to help out our neighbourhood is second nature.

But the one thing that brings most cultures to their knees is lack of water.  Winnipeg is an old city in many ways, turn off the century architecture is gold for movies.  But when it comes to plumbing it sucks sweaty donkey balls.

The simple fact is Winnipeg’s infrastructure is torn and rotten. Pipes burst in every freeze and thaw cycle. The ground moves and bends century old pipes, snapping them like rusty twigs.

It’s Winnipeg’s winter lotto, who’s going without water tonight?
Winner, winner, you’re without dinner.

Every year the city ignores two big facts, our roads and plumbing.
What did we build this year with taxpayer dollars?

An over budget police station, an over budget and corrupt fire department.  Millions used and pissed’ away.

And our roads and pipes, not our problems we’re told.
Fuck you next election is my reply!

One response to “Snow everywhere and not a drop to drink.

  1. So I guess you were the loser of this years water lottery. ..