Happy Christmas

I was just going to blow this post off this week and mail it in from last years Christmas post but this year I just can’t.  My heart is broken, like many of you out there by the tragedy of last week.

Speaking as a hunter and gun owner, I cannot put into words the outrage I feel.  As a child growing up in a Northern Ontario town I lived around rifles, they did not protect us but the certainly did feed us.  We used projectile weapons that were designed to KILL.  Not humans but, deer and moose that lived in our surroundings.  Large bore, big caliber, weapons to take a ton and a half animal out with the least stress possible.  I layman’s terms a clean kill.

I have been the murderer of hundreds of birds, and a great few mammals.  I have never killed a big beast like a deer or moose.  Although I have certainly tried.I have stalked beasts larger than me holding a gun that would have put the average human through a plate glass window.  I am a stone cold killer.

But before I stop and tell you why I wouldn’t unload on a classroom of kids let me tell you why I stopped hunting.

A few years ago I was hunting deer and rabbit with a very deer friend of mine.  I caught sight of a bunny on the hop.   I am a very good shot, but I missed just a tad.  Caught the sucker in the leg.   It started crying and limped off into a stand of willows.  I knew I had to do it.  The rabbit was suffering.  So I pulled the trigger close up and personal.  That very night I ate him.

That is hunting.

What that other strange fuck did is so counter culture to me. He slaughtered kids.

So in this season of giving and Ho Ho Ho.  Please remember the little things.  All of my friends have a very Merry Christmas and a Wicked New Year.

Santa Bob



7 responses to “Happy Christmas

  1. I couldn’t agree more Bob. Merry Merry…

  2. Am a hunter as well, it’s been a few years now since last moose hunt but same feeling as you. What that man did is way beyond my worst imagination… But have a good holiday and enjoy what you got…

  3. So wait… why did you stop hunting? Did I miss something?