I am sorry I had planned to write something new for this years Remembrance Day but unfortunately I just didn’t get to it. Last years post on Sgt. Tommy Prince is still very relevant today. A highly decorated Saulteaux warrior of the 2nd World War and Korean Conflict. His valour and skill serve as examples of a brave fighting man. Unfortunately he slipped through the cracks back home in Winnipeg and died alone.

This story should serve as a reminder to what our veterans gave up to keep us free and the debt that we as Canadians owe our fighting men and women.

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Given that this coming week is Remembrance week culminating with Remembrance Day on Friday Nov, 11. I thought it fitting that I spotlight one of Canada’s and indeed Manitoba’s greatest fighting men.

How does a person sum up the life of one of the most decorated soldiers in Canadian history?  Especially when he was treated as a second class citizen in the country of his birth.

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  1. Kathryn Thompson

    Thanks Bob. Rememberance Day is Special to me for more personal reasons. My Father was a Sniper, My Mother was in the Army during the duration of the second World War. My Uncle was a prisoner of war in Ausowich for 4 years. My Grandfather was in the First World War and my ex father-in-law was a Parachuter dropping fearlessly behind enemy lines in Germany during the Second World War. All of these beloved family members fought for Canada and the Worlds Freedom and are Heros just as all who served and are serving our country are for their selfless service to all of us free citizens. All Volunteered right away to fight for Freedom and Against Opression. My ex father-in-Law, proud as all my family members were of their military careers past away in 1979 on November 11, 1979 at the West Kildonan Legion, after marching as he did every year. Somehow Appropriate but Sadly while I was pregnant with his first grandson, who never got the change to meet him.Nor did my Father get to meet his grandson. It’s truly amazing how similar to both of them my son is and he’s appropriately named after both of them. I proudly display a picture of my mothers unit along with a poppy all year long.
    I never fail to thank every military person I come across, whether Canadian or American, British every chance I get as without their contributions throughout our history we would not be free today. Along with all who fought for freedom. We must remember these fallen Heros from the Heart as without them who knows what type of world we would live in today.

  2. Am off to central London myself to see the parade today to celebrate those who gave their life in the name of peace. Amazing story though about Tommy.

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