Oh shit, here comes the snow.

Well I guess Winnipeg was due. After all of the grief of Sandy and the blizzards out west.  It’s finally our turn, I hope that the bulk of you who read me in the Winnipeg area have gotten your chance to see the latest James Bond 007 flick Skyfall.  Because according to the forecasts you will not be getting out to see it this weekend.
I apologize to the Winnipeg Public Library, I won’t in all likelihood be able to return my books this weekend. If we get the record setting, 40 cm of snow and blowing conditions that we are expecting you can bill me for the late charges.

Stay safe and sane people.  We are Winnipeg, it’s just a bit of snow after all.
Chill out



4 responses to “Oh shit, here comes the snow.

  1. At least you guys are prepared, not like here where one inch snow turns into SNOW CHAOS! 🙂 but enjoy yr time inside w a nice fire and a hot egg toddy…

    • Well Rincewind we don’t have a fireplace but the furnace is kicking in an keeping us warm. Yes we are Winnipeggers after all so we are used to dealing with snow and cold. Woke up this morning to a dusting of a few inches but at 5 pm it started snowing again so I think we could get hit even more.

  2. Enjoy!! Am envious!

    • Yea I am Canadian but I can do without it right now, just makes the roads a mess. I would ship it to you fed ex if I could.