I wrote this last year, I am sorry I didn’t have the time today to do a new piece but the feelings are the same.

Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond.

It’s been nine long years since the events of September 11, 2001 happened and much like people who talk about remembering where they were when Kennedy was killed, I know that I will always have that fateful day burned deeply into my memory.

I remember sitting in my shared office at work my co-workers and I reading the newspaper and drinking our morning coffee as we did every other day before and since.  We were joking around listening to a local rock and roll station when the news slowly began to break from New York.

The reports sounded confused at first, a small plane had hit a building in New York, a Cessna one eye-witness had mistakenly reported.  It didn’t sound like a big deal at the time, we all went on drinking our coffee.  Then the news told of a second plane had crashed in New York, hitting…

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  1. Wow, Bob. Just wow. You worked for Boeing? I’m sure that was weird. But just remember, people kill people with their cars every day and I’m sure the workers at GM can sleep at night. It’s interesting to hear a Canadian’s perspective. I wouldn’t have thought it would have as much significance to a non-American. Thoughtful post, Bob.

    • SG, I still work for Boeing and I feel there is a huge difference between us and GM. No one attacks a building with a pick up truck.

      Also why does it surprise you that Canadians grieve on this day also? We were also affected, we housed thousands of stranded people that week. Canadians were killed along side Americans in the attacks. We are neighbors and friends. When one losses we all lose.