As many of you who follow my little musings will know I am a staunch Canadian.  A promoter if you will of our way of life and our culture.

One thing that is deep in our marrow is the fact that we will not quit.  From being shock troopers in the first and second world wars.  To besting the world with sometimes antiquated equipment (the schooner Bluenose) to winning bronze at in Olympic soccer today at the London 2012 games.

After a hard fought match filled with controversy and lactic acid our fine ladies Canadian national team brought home our first medal in soccer EVER!  Yes it was a bronze, but just think about this for a second.  Hmmmmmm.  When you think of Canada what do you think of.  For me personally soccer doesn’t exactly leap off the page.  I think hockey, snow, beer, incredibly sexy ladies and a warm and relaxed people.

Diana Matheson battles France’s Gaetane Thiney for the ball in the 2012 bronze medal soccer match. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

These talented and incredibly resilient women brought home not just the bronze medal but also a huge amount of pride to our humble nation.  The talk everywhere at work today was, have they started yet, what’s the score, who are we playing, did we win?

Diana Matheson puts the ball in seconds away from overtime! (AP Photo/Jon Super)

No one had to ask what the conversation was about we were all on the same mental wavelength.

This game was all about the defenders, France by all accounts out shot us by a huge margin but failed to find the back of the net.  Goal keeper Erin McLeod and Winnipeg’s own Desiree Scott had brilliant games keeping the score nil to nil until the dying minutes of regular time.

This picture says it all! Canada wins! (Jean Levac/Postmedia Olympic Team)

Diana Matheson potted home the lone goal of the game with ten seconds remaining before a grueling overtime would be required.

It’s not gold and it’s not silver but yet these fine ladies managed to do what so many other teams could not.  They found the podium and they found it with pride.

Good on you girls, you did yourselves and your nation proud.
You may have only won bronze but you’re as good as gold to all of us back home!

6 responses to “Redemption!

  1. Congrats my friend. Those ladies deserve every bit of praise! 😀

    • Thank you so much Izaak. I’ve been talking from the gut a for a bit now but thanks for being golden with your praise of our Canadian ladies team!

  2. Good on you, Canadian soccer women! 😀

    • As a nation not used to great victories, this bronze was redemption in the greater scheme of things. Yes we were not one or two, but we overcame great sadness and adversity.

      Canada is not a nation of hundreds of millions of people, we are handful compared to some.

      But we are proud and we have our golden moments. It’s all good.

  3. Congrats to the Canadian women! So, you guys call it soccer and not football? I thought just us weird Americans used that term.

    • Well it’s a weird thing here, football really can be both depending on whom you’re talking to.

      We are a nation of mixed cultures, so depending on who you’re talking to it could be either one.

      But generally football is gridiron and soccer is football.

      Hope that helps!