What the fuck is wrong with people? The Batman Massacre.

OK, grab a chair and hold on tight people this is going to be a rough one.  I’m writing from the gut today and I don’t have my proof reader today so if I make an oops here and there please forgive me.

Of course I am talking about the outrageous tragedy that happened just outside of Denver today.  What could motivate an attack such as this?  I am just baffled. Is it that we are being to lax on our children and not beating them about the head and shoulders enough with broken beer bottles?  Is it the violence and the hopelessness that they see everyday growing up.  Is it the corporate greed and malice that puts people out on the street everyday or is it that the sun just wasn’t the right fucking shade of yellow for him yesterday?

I give up, what the hell is going on these days.  I know many many people associated with the movie are tweeting and texting today, sending thoughts and prayers to those affected.  I just wonder what motivated this outlandish attack?  An attack on my people, geeks and nerds, dweebs and comic fans.  Who are they going to hurt, who are they going to kill?

I honestly just feel sickened by the thing, I was looking forward to seeing this film but now I just don’t know.  Will I feel guilty if I am excited by going to see it loud and large?  Will I want to clap at the end, or will I just stay at home save the $50 fucking dollars it takes to see a movie for two these days and just read a library book?

It takes a great deal most days to make a Canadian like myself mad enough to spit but this just takes the cake.

In any case, I’ll keep it short and finish my rant in private.

To all of those that read my blog, stay safe.  May the God you pray to keep you well and remind you that the way to paradise is by gentle action not by slaughter.

With Love.


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  1. It’s completely baffling, isn’t it? As they’ve been saying in every fucking newscast on the story, “The big question on everyone’s minds is, why?” And of course, there’s the “why” that this guy might give, such as, “I don’t like Batman” (or whatever). And there’s the deeper “why,” as in, why do these mass shootings happen every year or two? What is going on in our society to cause this to occur? Is it lax gun control? Chemicals in the food? The 1%? American sense of entitlement? All of the above? Is there any way to know for sure?

    I don’t know, but I wish we did. Does this happen in Canada? I have not heard of any such incident there. It seems to be the U.S. only, with the exception of the mass shooting in Norway last year. Something is wrong here. I think there *could* be a million reasons to speculate upon, but one I think is the lack of focus on community we have here. People are taught to look out for themselves, and that they can (and should) do and have anything they want if they just put their minds to it. And what happens when we can’t? Well, a few people evidently go mental and open fire on the masses.

    Or maybe it’s the food.

    I don’t think this had anything to do with The Dark Knight or Batman or geeks – it was just a random act of violence by a seriously disturbed individual. A while back some dude shot up a bunch of ladies in an aerobics class, but I didn’t stop going to the gym. Give it some time, Bob, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy this film after your emotions have settled. Don’t let this nutjob ruin it for you.

  2. You know SG, I love you guys. But yes it this poison is getting into Canada, we just had two big shootings (Gang Related) in Toronto this month and last. Winnipeg is infested with gangs, mostly in the lower income areas of town. But little fucking bangers are showing up all sorts of places here too.

    Unfortunately I don’t believe this Batman shooting has anything to do with gang grudges or class structure. From the sounds of it he was just one really really fucked up guy. Why he had to do that to innocent people I don’t know. Like I said maybe the sky wasn’t just the right shade of fucking blue today for him. I don’t know this scumbag’s name, and you will never see it here in any case.

    I made special attention to not name victims or even the event they were attending in my main post. Why? Because I don’t want more freaks like him seeing my words and thinking they are going to get famous off of bloggers like myself.

    All I can say is time heals most wounds.
    Peace and Love to you SG.
    Sorry bout you and your man.

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    I love geeks and dweebs especially when it has to do with BATMAN! I want to thank Bob for sharing his thoughts so openly. Great post!

  4. These killings happen far oftener than yearly. And most often, they happen in innocent places, such as schools. Every nation is participating. Remember the daycare in England? Random, as far as we could tell.
    I think the common denominator IS the innocence. I mean, we feed, clothe, house, and even entertain the guilty. Just sayin’.
    Of course, there is more frustration these days, and summer is the big time for acting out . . .

  5. Just such a shameful/wasteful thing to happen. I am still am shook up about this.

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  7. Some people in this world are just out to create chaos, evil and destruction.

    “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

    These are the people we can never understand and frankly I would not want to either. What scares me is that these type of nutjobs seem to increase in numbers.

  8. Didn’t he have a psychotic break?

    Look. I agree with everything here, Bob. You know I do. And my heart to the families in Colorado. That said, my own life experiences have made it clear that we also ignore, shame, shun, and generally neglect mental disorders. Perhaps it’s time we brought that out into the light, too.

    • I agree that people with mental disorders are indeed pushed to the side of the health spectrum. I take issue with someone who obviously had full use of his metal faculties and chose to plan a head for this event.

      When you’re buying hundreds of rounds of ammo, light assault weapons and body armor you’re doing some serious planning. I hate to say it but I hope he gets the death penalty if there is one in Colorado.

      Enough is enough.

  9. A terrible, unfathomable act of violence… My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

    • Thanks so much for the comment, I think all of us here speak with one voice on this point. May the families heal and let justice be done.

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