Friends will be friends…Right till the end.

Just a little post today, all about friends long missed.

I took  a friend to the airport today, not a big mission but one that I enjoyed just the same.  You all know the kind of people I’m talking about.  Friends till the end, someone who you know will stick by you and you by them.  Not only cause you know all their dirty secrets but because you really love one another.

Yes It’s man love thing but not the touchy feely take pictures type I dream you girls have.  But more the pat on the back a hearty handshake and a drink a bottle of Rye kind of thing.

I was in the older pack of kids when I met Tony, he was a bit of a dork.  Yes even to us, and we were a pack of dorks.  We made him drink, and swear, and meet girls.  God forbid.  But he came around eventually, got papers and educated, traveled the world and has come back home.

Well to Winnipeg for a day, our little geek has grown up.  We used to laugh at him as he fell down stairs, got pissed on a can of beer and swore like a sailor when he knew that he shouldn’t have.  But we loved him anyways.

He’s off again to seek fame and fortune in Alberta, all grown up.  Somehow I still feel like a big brother. He’s got a place under my roof anytime he wants it.  I will sit up till dawn talking problems out as we always have.

Come back soon.


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award! Congratulations as it is much deserved 🙂