Happy 145th Birthday Canada: a photoblog from the Forks Market

In case any of you were wondering how I was spending my incredibly gorgeous long weekend, wonder no longer.  Today Dar and I decided to take a short hop down to the Forks Market and take in a few of the festivities marking the 145th birthday of Canada.  Locally known as Canada Day, it’s a great excuse to have a bbq or crack a couple of cold ones and enjoy the 30 degree heat.

You’ll hardly ever hear a Winnipeger complain about the heat though, after a good solid 6 months of darkness and winter cold it takes a good few weeks of 30 Celsius weather to thaw out our Canadian bones and get us primed for summer.

As you would expect on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon, the Forks Market was packed, the food vendors were out in full force and the beverages were indeed flowing.

Esplanade Louis Riel

The Esplanade Louis Riel (Louis Riel Bridge) is one of the newer architectural centerpieces of Downtown/St Boniface area.  It’s dramatic cable stay pedestrian bridge complete with restaurant and spire draw many tourist and photographers alike to the core of the city.

Located at the East end of Esplanade Louis Riel, La Crêperie Du Pont is a great choice for a deliciously thin crepe for breakfast or a pick me up snack.

Esplanade Louis Riel from St Boniface.

Enjoying a lovely crêpe for breakfast.

City skyline and Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The Forks Market

Entering the Forks Market National Historic Site.

Path of Time sculpture by Marcel Gosselin.

Many families enjoying the cool water at the new splash pad and playground area.

A historical journey through the history of Manitoba kids playground. Complete with train and fur trade post.

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (in shadow) play on the main stage with The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in the background.

It’s not a festival without food trucks! Pimp My Rice truck brightens up the landscape.

Cauldron from the 1999 Pan American Games held in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is greening up it’s act. Bicycle Valet stations are popping up all over the city at major events.

Inside the Market

Art lovers gather at a sale inside the market.

The market is jammed with people trying to cool off and grab a bite to eat.

One of my favorite weekend lunch spots. Fergies Fish’n Chips at The Forks Market.

Forks Market River Walk

The outdoor patios are packed with people enjoying Canada Day.

Takin’ it easy by the Assiniboine River.

The River Rouge enjoys a quiet cruse on the Red River with eager guests.

A kayacker paddles down the Red River with the historic St Boniface Cathedral ruins in the background.

The kayacks head down stream under the Esplanade Louis Riel as seen from the river walk.

Back in St. Boniface, Winnipeg’s French Quarter and the end of our day in the sun.
Bonne fête Canada!

I hope you all enjoyed our little trip through St. Boniface and The Forks Market.  Happy Canada Day, Bonne Fête Canada!

15 responses to “Happy 145th Birthday Canada: a photoblog from the Forks Market

  1. I enjoyed hearing about your day. Happy Canada Day to you as well. The crêpe looked good also! Glad you had a good and interesting weekend.

    • Thanks Rose! It was a hot day out, scorcher really so we only went out for a bit then came back home. Glad you liked the read, hope you and Eric had a great time also.

  2. wow, it looks amazing… but what on earth was on that crepe, sausages of some kind or? happy canuck day mate…

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  4. Damn that Rincewind! I knew that Canada was filled with nothing but good wholesome folk living wonderful, healthy lives. And here he had me expecting your post to be a big old porn bonanza! 😉

    Great photos Bob. Happy (if late) Canada Day! 😀

    • There, there Izaak. You know I leave the girls to Rincewind. But if you look hard enough I’m sure you can find some eye candy in my blog.

  5. Great pictures! Looks like it was a fun celebration!

  6. welp. it was 106 F here this week.

    not sure what that converts to in Canada degrees, but its pretty fricken hot.

    I didn’t even celebrate 4th of July. ok .why will your thing only let me comment with either wordpress.com Facebook or twitter?!?!? u need to fix that.

    • It was bloody hot here too still is. Sorry bout the comment problems, it’s WordPress not me. I just post here, I don’t run the joint.

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