We’re here, just get used to it.

I’m getting so sick and tired of the anti-blogger backlash these days. Who says that we should not have a voice?  The opportunity to speak out?  Lots of people with boatloads of cash can say what ever the hell they want.  So now that everyone potentially has a voice the upper crust has something to say about us talking back just smacks of oppression in the worst form.

The Gutters.com

Listen Bub, I never pretend to be anything I am not.  I am not a reporter. I am not a scientist, I am a guy who has the means to share my experiences with a slowly growing crowd of like minded folks.  I tend not to rant and rage excessively.  I don’t generally care what Billy Bob Thorton is wearing on any particular day. In fact if I saw him filming here in Winnipeg I would probably just let him be.  I don’t need his autograph and I actually just finished reading his book and agreed with 90% of his rambles.

People deserve space and yes bloggers do tend to go overboard, but please don’t judge us all with the same gavel.  Some people are just mouthy and want to make money and spread gossip, that is never going to change.  Just hit your local spa or beauty salon if you want to refresh your memories on this sad fact of life.

Some people are busy bodies and others like myself most times could give a shit.

If you can read, do check out Billy Bob’s new book, it’s a great read.  Also check out The Gutters.com  it’s normally a very funny comic parody website.

See guys all bloggers are not DICKS. Now fuck off and go back to work.

I’m done now.


5 responses to “We’re here, just get used to it.

  1. The Gutters piece is not aimed at bloggers like us. It’s aimed at those who style themselves as journalists or reporters or call themselves serious writers though they can’t construct sentences properly or pay attentions to basics like spelling or grammar. We’re small fry who blog to entertain ourselves and a select few and I’m happy with that.

    • Yes of course you are right Nurse Myra. Like I told Nikki combination of a bad week and that cartoon just sent me over the edge.

  2. What happened, Bob? Sounds like you’ve been having some trolling troubles perhaps? How all is well with you otherwise!

    • Yea everything is cool, just had a rough week fighting with the insurance company over my return to work claim for my leg. Having trouble getting paid on time, saw that cartoon and decided it was time to blow off a little steam in the form of a rant. I haven’t been doing enough of those lately.