Meet and Greet Canadian Style: Bryan Adams

In case any of you have caught a few of my comments in the blog this week you may have guessed that Dar and I have scored again on the concert ticket scene.

Tonight we are off courtesy of 92.1 CITI FM in Winnipeg on another great rock and roll adventure.  Darlene having the proverbial horseshoe up her ass came through on tickets for tonight’s extravaganza.

Bryan Adams Live in Concert

We are off for dinner at the MTS Centre, then backstage to meet with Bryan Adams and the band.  Given exclusive tickets at the front of the house and a swag package to boot.  WOW!

The only thing I have to get straight in my head is what I am going to ask Bryan when we get face to face.  I had considered asking him about Princess Diana, being that they were close friends before she taken from us.  But Dar vetoed that saying it was just tacky.  So being that we have just experienced Roger Waters and The Wall here in Winnipeg I suppose I could ask him about his experiences performing Young Lust  with Roger in Berlin after the fall of communism.

In any event we are sure to have a stellar night, stay tuned for yet another great concert review in the coming days.

Rock On!


5 responses to “Meet and Greet Canadian Style: Bryan Adams

  1. Wow! Awesome Bob! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!
    PS. You do ROCK the concert scene!

    • Yes I do, Nikki Yes I do!! LOL There will be a COMPLETE review of the show but I have to wait a spell for certain logistical issues to sort them selves out. The evening did not go entirely to plan and I am waiting back for certain parties to come to the table before I get my rant on.

      Remember The Tragically Hip fiasco of last year, that was small potatoes compared to this maltreatment.

  2. love Bryan Adams… I do hate and love Summer of 69 with a passion, two emotions for the same song…

    • Boy are you ever making up for lost time on the likes! Bryan Adams was good more to come on that front soon.

      I know you’re jealous about all of our concerts this year. But you’ll shit yourself if you go back to the start of the blog and see our New York posts that got me blogging.

      Check it out!

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