Steampunks, Pirates and Knights….Oh My!

Just by chance today I happened on a most enchanting little festival happening almost outside our door.  Coronation Park in the Norwood Grove area of St. Boniface was playing host to a gathering of creative thinkers and free spirits.

As you all should know by now that I am a proud card-carrying geek of some renown and am always ready to explore what ever festival or convention comes my way.   Today’s gathering had three main themes bringing many different classes of geeks, costume players and costumers together.  Steampunk, Pirates and good ol’ fashioned fantasy enthusiasts.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time mingling in the steamy afternoon heat in between the hourly thunder storms that have been passing though the area today.  Mosquitoes and rain can’t keep a good geek down for long and as soon as a shower had passed everyone seemed eager to mingle about again.

Normally as a blogger I try to stay a fly on the wall, just observing and not really becoming part of the action.  But today was one of those rare opportunities where I got to mingle and talk with people about their motivations and great costumes.

Here in pictures is a bit of what I saw this afternoon.

Entering Coronation Park in St. Boniface. Everyone seems to be coming back out after the clouds have passed.

Young Pirates at play in the ring of death!

This good Knight directed me to another Renaissance Festival. This July 28th in Cooks Creek, Manitoba.

Three fierce Steampunks menace my every move.

Thankfully this friar and his salty companions saved the day.

Another safe port of call with the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Barony of Castle Rouge chapter.

A group of free spirits gather round the smith for a bawdy tale and perhaps a flagon of ale.

Three young lasses bid me fair journey as I head into pirate waters!

Pirate Waters! Be cautious even the little ones wear eye patches here bouts.

A chance meeting and get away from Capt. Jack Sparrow. A more ruthless soul I have never met.

Thanks to new reader Alycia I can finally put a name to this costume. He is dressed as a medieval plague doctor.  The garb is used to protect the wearer from deadly miasmas (vapors) that can harm the body.  


Another group of merry makers guide me back to the road.

Steampunk fashion at it’s finest! Three generous and very kind ladies displaying their costumes.

An odd pairing of Wood Elf and Steampunk Buccaneer
give me odd and wary glances as I pass on by. I don’t want any trouble!

Finally a recognizable figure authority. A Steampunk Sheriff and his lady guide me back to my Jeep and out of danger.
Sing it with me, just like Glen Campbell Like a Steampunk Coyboy!

Thanks for coming with me on this journey into Winnipeg’s brilliant creative society’s.  Not only do we know how to geek out, we also know how to have a great time doing it!!

13 responses to “Steampunks, Pirates and Knights….Oh My!

  1. the thing i notice the most in these photos is how green your grass is

  2. Two things- Looks like the festival was full of saucy wenches. And second- I have a new respect for the ferocious Canadian mosquito – they are big and ruthless. I thought we grew em big in the swamp- nope.

    • Yes in general more women dressed up for the event, at least that I saw.

      Winnipeg’s mosquitos are legendary. We have a full time bug squad dedicated to keeping our short summer bearable.

  3. So fun! I always love a good geek gathering! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece. Winnipeg does enjoy many subcultures, from those highlighted here to a thriving classic car culture to a highly successful fringe theater/comedy/ indy rock movement.

      We have it all, come visit sometime!

  4. ohhh this looks so awesome, am mighty jealous now. One mighty fine wood elf you found there…

    • I thought you may like the Elves in my little forest Maester Rincewind. Although I didn’t purposely take pictures of only cute girls just for you.

      Got your flight booked yet??? Hmmmm??

  5. You have been tagged, check my site below for details. 🙂

  6. your “Steampunk meets ancient Egypt’s Thoth” photo is actually a person dressed as a plague doctor from the renaissance