Roger Waters, tear down that wall!! A concert preview.

As you may have guessed by the title of this post Roger Waters and his wall have finally made it to Winnipeg and Dar and I have tickets for tomorrow night’s show!

Roger Waters – The Wall Live

Being a teen age boy in the 1980’s exposed me to the full angst ridden fury and psychedelia that is the music of British super group Pink Floyd.  Along with Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall remains one of my all time favorite musical experiences.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept that became the rock spectacle it is today let me give you a bit of background on Roger Waters’ magnum opus.  Born out of an incident at a Pink Floyd concert in Montreal, a group of fans in the audience were letting off firecrackers and generally being disruptive.  Roger being a relentless perfectionist took offense to the distraction and ended up in a screaming match with the audience.  Ending with Roger spitting on a fan close to the stage.

Marching Hammers an image from The Wall

Later horrified by his own behavior and alienation he felt while on stage the seeds for the character of Pink were formed.  Tensions in the band and his own tragic childhood also began to creep into the narrative of the rock opera.

In its simplest form the movie and stage show depict a rock star named Pink in a downward spiral of mental and physical torment.  Losing his father in world war two, an overprotective mother figure and a cheating wife coupled with his own denial and drug abuse lead Pink to shut himself off from the world.  Figuratively building “The Wall”.

Screaming Pink

Isolated and alone his psychosis takes form on a wall being built on stage.  At the end of the first act the wall is complete and Pink performs from behind the wall.  Images of his nightmarish mind projected upon the wall for in the audience to see.

Needless to say I am almost jumping out of my skin in anticipation for the event tomorrow night.  All of my own angst ridden teenage phobias and dreams coming to life in front of my very eyes with the one and only Roger Waters at the helm.

Roger Waters and Choir sing Another Brick in the Wall Part 2

I promise to give a detailed review of the show as soon as I come down from cloud nine in the coming days.

Tear down the wall, tear down the wall!


26 responses to “Roger Waters, tear down that wall!! A concert preview.

  1. I ran across the 60 Minutes coverage quite by accident while looking to embed some video for my Memorial Day post. I am SO JEALOUS at your getting to see this show, and I’m looking forward to your review! :mrgreen:

    • Thanks Izaak! Although you need ice water, I need some good tunes and a rocking good time!! Hope you are well, love your site!!

  2. Sounds like you will have a good night! Hope you will have a blast!

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  4. TOO COOL! Have a blast!

    • I figured you would love this post, being as young as I am. 🙂
      Planning on having a great time and rocking out with Roger. This will make the 2nd time I’ve seen him, first time being Dark Side of the Moon in 2007.

      And I was lucky enough to have seen Pink Floyd missing Roger on the Division Bell tour in the 90’s.


  5. Damn Bob!! That sounds like an amazing show!!! I look forward to your review! So exciting! Enjoy!

  6. That twitter message to me was just evil, I WWANT TO BE THERE TOO!! 😀 it looks amazing and it will most likely be just amazing, my jealousy is on a scale to 1-10 about, yeah maybe 100 😀 have a great time mate.

  7. Love you too buddy, love you too.
    Keep up the Redheads and I’ll send you some good pics from the show!!

  8. Looking forward to the review, Bob! Have such a blast!!! 😀

  9. I can’t say I’ve ever been a Floyd fan, but most guys I know are. Seems like a dood thing. I saw the 60 Minutes piece and the digital wall sounds pretty cool. Hope you enjoyed!

    • Well you had to have been born in a very correct time period, and of course be open to the music.
      I grew up with it, loved it, and became part of me!

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