Firing it up with Johnny Reid

Last night was one of those occasions where Dar and I had concert tickets for a show that I really could have passed on, but after seeing the show in person I am sure glad that I got to attend.  Johnny Reid, for those of you stuck under a rock somewhere, is one of those classic entertainers that just defies categorization.  He’s one part Johnny Cash, two parts Tom Jones with just a dash of Joe Cocker  and Joe Walsh thrown in for fun.  He’s not quite country, he’s not quite a crooner and definitely not all the way rock and roll but a wild Scottish/Canadian hybrid all of his own design. One thing is for sure though he’s one hard working man on a mission to make sure that every dollar spent in his name is one that he’s earned to the full.

The night opened with Canadian country songstress Carolyn Dawn Johnson doing a bare bones acoustic set.  Her haunting lyrics and country philosophies speak to a life lived in search of love and family.  The set really did showcase her singing, basically it was her and a backup steel guitar player and a room full of eager ears.

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

After a short intermission the houselights came down and Darlene and I were expecting another opening act but the booming horn section and pounding bass drum could only signal the arrival of Mr. Johnny Reid.   The opening strains of Let’s Have a Party washed over the overwhelmingly over 40 crowd and got the audience dancing in their chairs if not in the aisles.   At the end of the opening number pyro blasts boomed and confetti and streamer cannons let loose with a torrent of shiny red and gold party favors.  Johnny said let’s have a party and apparently he meant it!

Johnny Reid with the band.

The confetti and streamers opening the show should have clued me into the fact that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary show.  The third track of the evening Dancing Shoes had a very savvy Mr. Reid asking to see everyone’s dancing shoes.  Ladies and men in the front of the house were literally scooping off their shoes and holding them aloft for Johnny to inspect.  Then the impossible happened.  Johnny climbed down into the sea of people and shoes and went for a walk.  Microphone in hand he belted out the song while dancing with every blue haired woman, high-fiving every gentleman and kissing every child he could get to.  For two full songs he marched though not only the floor but also into the stands.  Holding out his arms to lady that wanted a dance or a kiss.

Johnny Reid mobbed by fans at the back of the MTS Centre.

After his journey through the audience he slowed it down a little bit to explain his roots in Canada.  Born in Lanark, Scotland the son of a diesel mechanic the family emigrated to Canada in hopes of a better life for their children.  Johnny was only 13 at the time.  In the lead-up to Kicking Stones he told of the family’s struggles and his honor at being able to perform for us.  He said he knew the value of a hard earned dollar and I believed him.  Besides his obvious talent Johnny Reid exudes honesty and humility.

A working man's performer Johnny Reid shaking hands on the satellite stage.

This became very apparent when it looked like Johnny was about to go on another walkabout throughout the venue only to disappear back stage, the backup singers opening the song Right Where I BelongSomehow Johnny had slipped through the crowd and appeared on a tiny satellite stage near center ice. The stage only stood maybe 4 or 5 feet above the audience so it was more handshakes and even little children being invited on the platform for a hug and a dance.

Johnny Reid and a young fan on the satellite stage.

In all of my time as a concert goer have I seen a performer so willing to go that extra mile to make it a memorable evening for the fans.  He even went so far to add an extra song for an elderly lady he had met back stage before the show.  He introduced it as Thank You for my new good friend Mary.  How many performers these days go that extra mile?

Johnny Reid clad in Winnipeg Jets gear makes another fan for life.

The ending of the show also proved to be spectacular, for an encore the whole band including Johnny Reid were decked out in Winnipeg Jets jerseys.  Singing Till We Meet Again, yet another young lady was plucked from the audience to her squealing delight.  The adorable youngster couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. Still clutching the streamers from the opening number she jumped and danced excitedly, no doubt earning Johnny Reid another fan for life.  As Johnny left the stage he once again went above and beyond giving his Jets Jersey to the little girl with the streamers.

Thank You Winnipeg! Note a jersey free Johnny Reid running off stage.

With sincerity and a voice like his you can expect Mr. Reid’s career to continue to light up the charts for years to come.

On a scale of 1-5, this concert deserves at least a 4 for the sheer enthusiasm and heart Johnny and his crew brought to the stage.

Since many of you may not be acquainted with Johnny Reid lets just sit back and have a look and listen to some of Johnny’s hits.

11 responses to “Firing it up with Johnny Reid

  1. Sounds like a pretty fabulous evening out!
    Glad it was better then you were expecting!
    Always nice when you get far more then your moneys worth.

    • For sure Red, I had seen some of his concerts on DVD and knew he could sing but he really puts it all out there for the fans in a way that few entertainers do these days. Great show all round!!

  2. sounds like he gave the audience a great evening

    • Yea you know what, he really went that extra mile!! Thanks for stopping by Nurse Myra!! Always happy when you show up. 🙂

  3. Impressive! That really is great lengths to give back to your fans!

  4. If you ever get the chance, spend the couple of bucks for a ticket. He really does work for every dollar Nikki.

  5. Johnny Reid is the most amazing entertainer and human being on the planet!! Glad you enjoyed your evening… will definitely be back. I’ve seen him in concert many times….I could take the time to count them I suppose….ready for FIVE more on the* Fire it Up Tour* starting next week in Oshawa and ending in St John’s, NL. What you see is what you get…all true Johnny.

  6. So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. I have been a fan of Johnny for around 7 years and he just keeps getting better. I would give him a 6 out of 5. Can’t wait until Tuesday when he comes to London, ON!

  7. Thanks so very much Nicole, it was an absolute privilege to see Johnny live here in Winnipeg. My wife is a huge fan and I keep buying her every DVD and Blue Ray that comes out. Thanks so much for the comment, I have many concert reviews in my archives. Please feel free to become a regular if you have the time.


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