Thank You Twitter Fans

Just a short post tonight, I want to take a second or two to thank all of my fanatics on Twitter.  When I started blogging a few years ago I never really thought much past my nose.  But now I realize that having an audience to speak to makes my words that much more resonant.

Every tweet that goes out and every person who reads my quaint words deserves a word of thanks.  I do appreciate the time people spend promoting Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond.  Without you all I would just be a lone voice talking into a silent wind.


2 responses to “Thank You Twitter Fans

  1. Awww… thanks love! It’s a pleasure! 😀

    • Thanks so much Nikki, I wish I had more time these last few weeks to peck away at the keyboard but I am working slowly on my next few pieces.

      I need to treat this next one with respect as it’s going to be a big post, like Nikkib Big!!