Countdown to Festival du Voyageur 2012

Festival time is almost upon us again my friends and I know how much all of you like my photos of all the festivities that run and all the snow sculptures that are carved lovingly during it’s annual February run.

So once again here’s a sneak peek at some of the work going on around town to get St. Boniface in a Hé Ho frame of mind.  Some of these pictures are continuations of works that had begun last week in my  “A day in the life” photo journal and from “60 years on a hard throne“.


The Royal Canadian Mint

Here at the mint work has been completed on the Winnipeg Jets Logo Coin.
Here’s the flip side of the coin. A bison standing in relief.  Sadly facing due south so a great deal of the definition has been removed by our unseasonable temperatures.
Some goofball standing in my shot.

Main Street at Broadway

A dragon is born from the ice and snow of Festival.
Note the object left of the ladder, that model is the only reference they have for the sculpture.

The Manitoba Legislature

Out of the shade of downtown a crisp and clear day shines on the Golden Boy atop the Legislature’s dome. Note the Queen’s royal flag still flies over our provincial house of Government.
The light plays tricks with the ice sculpture in honor of our Queen, making it appear blue.
A close up look at the stunning detail on the Queen’s sculpture.
A face emerges on the legislative grounds.

Vimy Ridge Memorial

The Vimy Ridge Memorial sculpture already showing signs of decay from the hot sun.
A sign describing the piece and the battle for Vimy Ridge.
The actual monument at Vimy Ridge.

Downtown the TD Building courtyard

We finish today’s tour with a whimsical shot of a football at the iconic Portage and Main intersection.

Stay tuned for more great winter fun from Festival du Voyageur in the weeks ahead.   Hé Ho, bon festival!

Author’s Note: Vimy Ridge Memorial Images found at and Canadian Bacon.

11 responses to “Countdown to Festival du Voyageur 2012

  1. Great pics Bob. Love this. Liked the comment about ice sculptures melting in the hot sun…

    • Emily it does sound like an oxymoron having snow sculptures melting in the heat of a Winnipeg February morning. But yet there it is, this winter has been so like a roller coaster of up and down temperatures that I can hardly describe it.

      Honestly it makes me fear for the future, I know in my 42 years in Canada within say 500 miles of here I have never felt a winter this warm. I do not think that it bodes well for the coming months.

      In saying that there have been years that have been warmer, so what do I know? I just build airplanes…Right?

  2. Brrr! Looks so very cooooold.

    • Actually for us who are used to the cold weather this is pretty much t-shirt and light jacket kinda stuff. It’s not bad here right now at all, but you my darling would be freezing your ass off.

  3. What… melting?? Weird..

    Cool sculptures and very nice pics of said sculptures!

    • Thanks Ivy! Yea it’s crazy, the sun is so hot that even on a cold day the sculptures are starting to pay the price. They only have a few more weeks to go Festival starts this weekend!

  4. I remember the festival from last year – looked pretty fun! And, yeah, wtf this winter, eh?

    • Yea we really haven’t had a winter to speak of here, the odd dusting of snow and really mild temperatures. I fear that we will be paying for this in some way down the line.

      As the Starks say “Winter is coming.”
      Great set of books by the way thanks for putting me on to them!!

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  6. Braden Johnson

    Wondering if u can put me in touch with some one who does ice sculptures here in winnipeg looking for a couple custom ones to be done or this weekend