Elizabeth the Second: 60 Years on a hard throne.

I just wanted to take a minute and give some credit where credit is due.  Yes I am talking about my Queen, Elizabeth II.  It’s hard enough to hold a job these days in this world with everything collapsing around us but just imagine being born into a family that had incredible responsibility and title and being chosen by God All Mighty for the task.  Those are some pretty big shoes to fill my friends.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not a monarchist in name or rank, but I do believe in tradition and the roll it plays in society.  Our Queen has lived through some hard times believe you me, not counting the weddings and divorces she has carried the commonwealth through at least 3 depressions in the global economy and through countless wars and conflicts.

This week marks her 60th year on the throne as our Queen and Manitoba has seen it fit to celebrate her reign in grand fashion.

I hope you enjoy these simple but stunning pictures from the Manitoba Legislature.

The full moon rising over a purple Legisliature and the Queen's Standard.

A close up of the sculpture I saw being built in my last post.

God Save the Queen, may she live for many more.

That’s about as Canadian as I get.


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  1. Sweet and simple my kind of reading, very true!