Post 200 – Winnipeg: A pictorial day in the life

Wow I can’t believe this is my 200th post here on WordPress. It honestly seems like yesterday when Dar and I jetted off to New York City and through the encouragement of some people on another blog I started my own journey through life on the blogosphere.

It’s hardly been a smooth journey, I’ve lost my father, been kicked out and accepted back home.  We’ve been to countless restaurants and concerts, not to mention Blue Bomber football games and the awesome return of the Winnipeg Jets.

I’ve been kicking around a lot of ideas for today’s post.  I thought about doing many grand things, like telling you about the Winnipeg origins of the worlds most famous spy.  Or perhaps taking you on that grand tour of the Manitoba Legislature that I have been promising since almost the first sentence of my blog in late November of 2009.

Then I got to thinking about what this blog is all about, Winnipeg,  sure I write it and Dar and I get bit parts in my posts but honestly the city and it’s people are the stars.

So that’s what I’m going to focus on today, number 200 will take you on a tour of Winnipeg with pictures on a frosty winters day in February.

I hope you enjoy.

Winnipeg Mint

The sun is just climbing into the early morning sky as we begin our journey at the Winnipeg Mint. Here’s a snow sculpture of the Winnipeg Jets logo.
Three days of above seasonal temperatures and fog has covered everything in a beautiful layer of hoar frost.

Even the flags are silent in the cold winter’s morning

King’s Park

Though the sun has risen higher and the day is warming up the frost still clings to everything, painting nature with a thick white brush.
The park is quiet for now in the stillness of the morning cold, but soon it will be bustling with children and proud parents enjoying the day.
The sun climbs ever higher into the crystal blue sky trying to melt the stubborn frost.

St. Boniface 

Two strong hands burst forth from the earth to grasp the wheat that feeds our nation.

The Manitoba Legislature

Another Festival du Voyageur snow sculpture is about to be born beneath the watchful gaze of the Golden Boy.
Craftsmen at the Legislature begin an ice sculpture in honour of our Queen’s diamond jubilee.
The sun begins to dip into the western sky as I come across a snow sculpture in progress. Dedicated to the sacrifice Canadian Soldiers made at Vimy Ridge in World War One.

The Forks Market

The market is still alive with activity even as day turns into early evening.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

A gift from the people of India to Winnipeg. Mahatma Gandhi continues his journeys in the shadow of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

When completed the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will truly be a mountain on the prairies.

Provencher Boulevard

A lone owl guards the intersection at Provencher and Archibald.
The moon rises as the sun sets over this lone watchman outside the Belgian Club Legion.

As the light fades from the winter sky we end our journey with relics from another age.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through a day in the life of Winnipeg. I invite you all to join me for another 200 posts as we explore my adopted home.

11 responses to “Post 200 – Winnipeg: A pictorial day in the life

  1. Andrew Davenport

    Great photo’s Bob. I would love to visit Winnipeg one day. I feel when i read your blogs that i’m already there. Thank you for sharing your lovely city with the world.

  2. Thanks Andy, glad you liked my little post.

  3. Nice pics! Looks nice and chilly 🙂

    • It wasn’t too cold out, in fact the temp got up to around zero in the afternoon. Most of the snow sculptures are melting and losing the fine detail.

  4. nice post no 200, love reading about Winnipeg and one of these days I will come there to enjoy those hot dogs of your town. Was actually a little bit surprised that you hadn’t added one single restaurant into this post 😉 but lovely pictures and man oh man, how I just love snow… am just waiting for post number 500 soon then from you.

  5. I always like your photo posts, Bob! Congrats on 200!

    • Thanks so much Nikki, glad that you enjoyed my little retrospective.

      Are you planning on joining Rincewind for a visit? I’m sure that I can find some vegan friendly spots for us to visit!

  6. blue sky and hoar frost – lovely