Happy 2012

Well according to a few calendars this may be our last year on our good planet earth.  The Meso American Mayan calendar apparently ends on Sometime in December 2012.

Myan Calendar

Do I believe this for a drop dead second ? Hell no .  My creditors would have my balls for garter belts if they thought I was going to default on my Jeep before the end of days.

And really why would any of us think that the world is going to stop in a year hence. Have the Huns invaded anything lately?  NO.  Is Korea going to implode … Ok I’ll give you a maybe on that one.

But generally planet earth is doing right effin ok.

Yes we are a bit warmer, but is it a cycle, or is it man screwing with stuff? We still don’t know.  The earth does its’ funny bits and we humans tend to do stuff too.

Anyhow, I think we will make it till 2012.  Here is me wishing you the best and the brightest in the grand New Year.

Much love, Bob

9 responses to “Happy 2012

    • And a very Happy New Year to all of you guys down under who get to ring in the new year almost 3/4ths of a day ahead of us here in Canada!

  1. Happy New Year, Bob! Wishing you and your family a fab 2012!

  2. One of the few you write that I do have to comment on….the CALENDAR ends. What do we do when a Roman calendar ends? We run out and buy a new one! It is not the end of the world…same hype as Y2K. We survived it and this too shall pass. And haven’t you paid that thing off yet?lol Cheers

    • Of course Susan I don’t actually believe that the world is going to end in Dec 2012. Most archeologists worth reading do agree that the Mayan long run calender does end, but as you point out with great zeal that does not mean that the world is going BOOM.

      The Mayan’s believed in the world consisting of many ages or phases. The end of one calender just means transitioning into another planetary age.

      Unfortunately, for the surviving Mayan people there is no quick “Mayan Mart” for them to run to and pick up a new calender.

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  4. Happy New Year! 🙂 I think we will be around a bit longer too! Gosh, hope those aren’t “famous last words”! 🙂

  5. Happy New Year Bob! Hope the holidays were lovely and here’s to 2012! 😀