Next Year, Bombers.

It was a hard loss for us on Sunday seeing our struggling Blue Bombers crash hard in the 99th Grey Cup.  It wasn’t so much the score of 23-34 in favor of the B.C. Lions but all the emotions that were built up over a season of hoping and dreaming.

Mr. Doug Brown, has by all accounts played his last down of football in this or any other league.  He is the elder statesman of the team in most interviews and one hell of a battler on the defensive line.  For Doug to retire with 11 seasons as a Blue Bomber under his sizable belt without a Grey Cup ring on his finger is a shame.  But that is the vexing thing about pro sports.

Mr Doug Brown

Sometime the most deserving don’t win.

Now please don’t get me wrong the deserving team did win the Grey Cup this year.  The B.C. Lions took our team apart like a squad that had studied film, done their homework and done the rest of the hard things that come with any professional job.

Alex Suber in Coverage

They looked to my eyes, the dominant team this year.  Yes there were a few disagreements with calls the zebras had made but by in large it was a well called game with few penalties.

As I was saying, I at the end of a season always feel bad for those in the league who have struggled so hard over so many years only to come up empty-handed.

Doug Brown this year, Milt Stegall, even Khari Jones who once wore the blue and gold with such pride.

But for us true believers this was a banner year, the Blue and Gold went from worst to first in the east and put up a valiant fight for The Grey Cup.

We Blue Believers will always be here in Winnipeg, come back next year fight hard in your new home and go for the cup once again.

Bravo, Blue and Gold.

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  1. There is always next time. 🙂