On the Menu: Lions vs. Bombers – Grey Cup 99

Well as you all can expect I am getting a small house full tomorrow for the 99th Grey Cup.  My home town Winnipeg Blue Bombers are facing the B.C. Lions in Vancouver.

Blue and Gold Forever!!

So of course it falls to me to cook game day food. What do I have on the menu you may ask.  Well lots of things. Lots of things indeed.   I actually plan to round out the food groups this year which is something that has been lacking on past years.

For the protein I am doing a course of classic deep fried chicken wings, probably two or three ways depending on our guests flavor preferences. My fave is just straight up with Franks Red Hot sauce. Dar loves salt and pepper, and I could decide to whip up an Asian mix as well.

Wings by the boatload for Grey Cup

Aside from that I expect a pumpernickel loaf and dip for the veggies. Some La Conchita chips with a good salsa and cheese dip also.

Mmm Pumpernickle loaf dip.

Of course we will be catering to an all ages crowd so both hard and soft bevies are expected.

Well those are my thought and menu plans.


3 responses to “On the Menu: Lions vs. Bombers – Grey Cup 99

  1. What about a cheesecake for dessert?

  2. ….Nom nom nom nom…