Winnipeg Blue Bombers win, next stop the 99th Grey Cup.

I am sitting and defrosting as I write this.  Smiling too.  As I posted in Blue and Gold forever I am Blue and Gold through and through.

Getting ready for the game!

Today Darlene and I witnessed history in the true sense of the word.  The Winnipeg Blue Bombers prevailed over the Hamilton Tigercats by a score of 19 – 3 and won the East Final.  Next week will see them in the 99th Grey Cup vs the BC Lions.

A snowy field before the game

East Side rule #1: Come early, stay late, cheer loud!

Now it’s all well and good that Winnipeg won the day, but it is also a bittersweet event that today was the last day that the venerable Winnipeg Stadium will play host to a Blue Bomber game.  Today the temperature hit a balmy -10 Celsius and the crowd turned out in full force.

Dar bundled up for the East Final

30,051 bundled and scarved faithful packed the old lady to the rafters. We were as loud as we could possibly be,  banging on the metal seats.  Stomping booted feet, clapping mitten clad hands together as hard and as loud as the leather would allow.

Bob mugging for the camera in the cold

We cheered, we booed the zebras, we faithful applauded as hard as we could as our team took the field.

Play after play, our boys stood tall as I predicted they would, Doug Brown in his last game at home was a beast.  Crushing Hamilton players beneath his massive 6’8″ frame.

Paul LaPolice and Doug Brown accept the East Final Trophy

Of course I would be insanely stupid to miss Chris Garrett, who rushed for an incredible 190 yards in the effort against Hamilton.  His ground pounding running really brought the Blue Bombers the yardage the team needed at critical times.  In fact the Bomber’s never even had a “two and out” until the 3rd quarter thanks to his and Buck Pierce’s efforts.

Chris Garrett running against Hamilton

I say sad a personal goodbye to the trough, a staple of football in Winnipeg.  Hardly a sanitary or welcome device for the shy male fan in need of relief, but an incredibly efficient way to pee none the less.

The Trough, oh how my bladder will miss you.

I wish my men in Blue and Gold well in Vancouver.  I have no doubt that Swaggerville will rise again and by this time next week we will be victorious holding the Grey Cup high.

6 responses to “Winnipeg Blue Bombers win, next stop the 99th Grey Cup.

  1. So I drank a bottle of wine and find myself here…it is currently 1:27 am mountain standard time. 🙂

    Only die hards go out to watch football when its that goddamn cold out.
    Good on ya!
    Did you know DavefromGP has tickets to the Grey Cup. Poor bastard has to stomach Nicklecrap. I forsee lottsa beers for Dave in Vancouver!

    Hey, so we met last night in a car behind a mall in Edmonton. Dar was there, you had long hair. Pretty cool dream, almost seemed real. Next time you are my way we really need to plan better.

    Alright been along time since I replyed drunk on your blog! Feels good, must do more of it!

    Hope the spelling mistakes are not to prolific…..see now that sounds dirty…….prolific.

    cheers Bob!

    Oh operation bacon is unway.. You staying home for Christmas?

    Let me know!


    • Yes we are planning on staying home this year Red, would love some bacon!
      I hope Dave, is planning on wearing blue and gold to the game. At very least his ear plugs to block out Nikklecrap.

      Go Blue Go!!

  2. Oh em gee! It looks SO COLD there already! Augh! And here I sit in boxers and a sports bra with all the windows open! Oh, it is going to be cold when I get home!

    Congrats to the blue and gold! Sounds like an awesome game! (…and then the thing about the trough…)

    • Well compared to Hawaii, it’s a tad chilly. But it was a great game and a great experience. I really hate to say it because I bitch endlessly about winter, but it’s much easier for Canadians to dress up for cold than to dress down for heat. We can always put on 50 layers but it’s hard to get lower than one’s epidermis.

      So Happy that you are in Hawaii, for work, enjoy my friend.

    • Yaa burrrr but it’s a dry cold. 🙂

      Actually Myra the cold here is not all that bad if you manage it correctly, dressing in layers and taking breaks indoors or at least out of the wind when possible.