East Final

So as many of you know I am a huge supporter of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers,  not quite a fanatic but a huge enthusiast none the less.  Darlene on the other hand is way off the deep end, she has the gear and the means to sit out in minus one million degrees.  Yes, I am talking absolute zero blue blooded.


Now for the uninitiated football fan in Winnipeg, it is not a feeling or a wanna be thing. Those who are true believers, stay till the last second in every single game, regardless of score or cause,  we are true blue do or die.

So as it turns out, I am going to my first playoff game since I have met Darlene up in the decks where the cold steel biting winds blow.

Buck Pierce

Am I afraid? No no, for a man it’s hard to say but I have faith in my girl to keep me warm.  Gimpy foot or not I will be there, Blue and Gold Forever.

Obby, Bob, Darlene and Doug

Let the mercury fall, let the sky itself cave in, Blue and Gold will take the field. We will be powerful, Brown, Khan and Willis will win the day.

Let’s Go Bombers Let’s Go!

6 responses to “East Final

  1. Have fun Bob! I can`t imagine how cold it will be.

    • Well right now the temp is -16 c. The forecast high is -10c so it will be a tad chilly siting in the stands today. But we will have 30,000 other nutcases joining us. Good times, good times indeed. Go Blue!

  2. Small dainty guys I see….. similar fragile build as the rugby players on this side of the pond. 😀

    Have a good one. Hope the game is good!

    • Yes not a carnivore in the bunch. All salad munchers, salad munchers who are going to rip the heads off of Hamilton today.

  3. Yes us True Blue fans will endure any temperatures to cheer our team on to victory! Just dress really warm like we did when we were kids going to play outside with no care for just how cold it was. And bring a blanket cause by the 3rd quarter the winter wear just isn’t enough in Winnipeg! GO BLUE!!!!

    • Thanks Kyla for commenting. The True Blue came out in force today and our presence was felt I am sure. Bundled up and toasty, like children in the snow.

      We clapped, we shouted and we won the day!!