Reaching for the White Ribbon

The White Ribbon Campaign is a Canadian effort that has spread to over 55 countries world-wide.  The effort is based on the ideal that no woman should ever be hurt by a man. Idealistic yes, but a very achievable goal none the less.

Born from the memory of the École Polytechnique Massacre where on December 6, 1989 Marc Lépine walked into the school armed with a Mini-14 rifle and a grudge against women. He shot at 28  people before killing himself.

Claiming he was fighting feminism he killed 14 women and injured another 10.

It is a sad statement of fact that most abuse in the home happens to be afflicted by men on women.  It is also a very sad fact that most of those women are afraid to speak out against the very violence that was perpetrated against them.

Thus the White Ribbon was born, it is a human issue, it is a men’s  cause.

Those who are born of woman, those who love women and respect them rally against violence against women.

Even those of us who have learned the hard way that violence is wrong. Yes that includes me.   Men of substance, men of moral, men of virtue.

Do you stop and act when you see an act of violence against women?

We must not simply turn or walk away.  Stand your ground.,we are men. STRONG, SIMPLE, PROUD.  Let us be ENABLED.

Let us work against violence and prejudice.  We have daughters and sons.  Do we as the future elders want them to repeat the mistakes of our past?

Join us, unite, the next generation is in our hands.  It’s up to us to guide them.

Facts on abuse in Canada.

There are on average 25 women killed by partners and 2 men killed by partners every year in the Province of Ontario.

Spousal abuse does not mean JUST violent acts, other types of abuse, can be classified as emotional abuse or sexual abuse.

Recognizing that you may be abused is the first step to recovery.

If you feel that you are being abused HELP is available.

There are places you can go to leave the situation.

You are not alone, counseling is available to help you heal and become strong again.

Are you a male who has abused, do you want help to EVOLVE into the man you can become? Help is also available for men.

Let’s end the violence, together we can start today.  Are you with me?

For a good view date of rape from a female point of view check out this site.

11 responses to “Reaching for the White Ribbon

  1. Thank you for this post, Bob!

    Violence and abuse can be emotional or physical, and it can be against women, men, and trans people – and it can be inflicted by women, men, and trans.

    We as a society are good at hiding the abuse, the violence, the anger and the hate behind it, and we are good at pretending it’s somehow the victim’s fault. It’s time to end the cycle.

  2. This is a great cause Bob, I have to admit, it’s the first time I’m hearing of it. Excellent idea and I love the pride with which you wrote.
    You’re one of the good ones.

    Thank you for posting this and linking, you never know what kind of difference it could make, and it certainly put a smile on my face in this little cafe tonight 🙂

  3. Great post Bob! It is so important that men speak up about this as well. Men that would never have to think twice in regards to seeing this as appalling facts. This is something that concerns and must involve everyone. We all must take a stand against abuse.

  4. Yes, I’m with you! Great to see this post.
    Michael Kaufman
    Co-founder, White Ribbon Campaign
    Twitter: GenderEQ

  5. Very nice, Bob. Thanks for posting. I’m with wanderingmenace – you’re one of the good ones 🙂

  6. PS Thanks for the shout-out buddy! 😀 XOXOXOXO!