Comfortably Furious

Ok.  Buckle up this is going to be a bumpy bumpy ride. I am off on a rant here, and you can be sure that is full of furious anger and righteous thunder.

Last night as I settled in to watch the evening news I was alerted that two of my family had been cut away from my morning routine.   Frank Andrews and Kathy “KK” Kennedy had been let go from my go to radio station.

For what reason, of course the radio talking heads were not at liberty to say.  Cost cutting, discipline reasons, conspiring with Alien Resources yet unknown to man?

Give me something give me a reason, I tuned in as a matter of course dutifully on my way to work this morning. Tom and Joe had nothing to say, the banter remained the same.  I do not blame them.

They are tried and true professionals. But when it comes to Kallously Kanning KK Please.  She’s just as much a legend as the boys. Hell she’s Miss Bingo Winnipeg.  She is the one who uttered EFF YOU CANCER on air.

The publicity and honor to sell  a metric ton of T-Shirts in honor of Joe’s late wife was in part hers.  I know this for a fact because I think that as a family we have bought a great deal of those shirts personally.  I have distributed them from the far end of Ontario to the end reach of Alberta.

If not for her  a great deal of money would not have been raised in Alanna’s name.

Now I am not a crusader, business is business. But if your going to can a person as iconic as Kennedy then at least give her a farewell.

These are not people we have taken into our hearts easily, we gradually accept them into our homes, our cars and then our hearts.

To Winnipeggers they are family.

Mr Rogers you and your company would be foolish to mess with a Winnipeg family.

I await your reply.

Robert Ogden

Authors Note: If you are with me COMMENT.  Even if it is a YES, or Hell YES.  Numbers mean one thing but adding your voice means something else entirely.

9 responses to “Comfortably Furious

  1. In any business, if it is as unfortunate that someone has to be let go… Then that person always deserves at least a thank you etc.

  2. Damn straight, I do, boo-yeah, yuh-huh, wtf AND hell yeah!

  3. I think so, that’s the part that pisses me off the most!

  4. It’s too bad you get to know these people as you say family. They become icons in the community. Sad,very sad indeed.

  5. Jenny and Rose. I don’t think I could have put it any better myself. Thanks for the comments.

  6. What the hell happened??

    • No one knows or if they do they are not talking. One guy from the station messaged me and said it’s just part of the radio game.

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