Horns on a Duck

Hi Folks, just a quick one today. In short I feel like crap on a sandwich, wonder poopie.

Dar and I were talking about Chaz Bono last night, she was watching Dancing with the Stars and Chaz was performing. Now when I see Chaz I see a cute little girl with ribbons in her hair and Sonny and Cher going goo goo over her. Today I just don’t know what I think.

Chaz as a young girl.

Yes I know that Chastity underwent sex reassignment surgery becoming Chaz. But does that make her a man? In all honesty, being a man is a lot more than having a dong and some balls. It’s not a lifestyle choice, it’s a way of being it’s a responsibility.

Chaz Bono

Now don’t for a second think that I am upset with Chastity/Chaz because I am not. I think it’s perfectly ok for Chaz to choose a path in life. Free from judgement and shame, Chaz should be proud of Chaz.

But just because you put horns on a duck, it doesn’t make it a moose.

Now please without getting homophobic or outrageous can we have a talk on this issue?

In your mind is Chaz nee Chastity a Man, Woman or something completely different?
Let me have it.

I’m going back to bed now.


7 responses to “Horns on a Duck

  1. If Chaz has had sex reassignment surgery then I believe he is now a man. Unless, of course, he wishes to be recognised as a third sex. Maybe that’s the way of the future – we won’t feel obliged to put people into Box M or Box F

    • Thanks for the reply Nurse Myra, actually I was hoping that you would leave a comment being in the healthcare field.

      I guess my point is that just because Chaz has male genitals now should we consider Chaz a man? Chaz did not grow up being indoctrinated into the cult of manhood. There are things that boys are exposed to growing up, the way we play, the way we are expected to act so on a so forth.

      So in some ways I would almost expect there to be a third box as you put it. Just as I could never slap a Va Ja Jay on me and expect to be called a woman. I didn’t grow up as one so how could I be expected to act like one?

      Thanks for the comment, I always love it when you pop in here!

  2. I actually didn’t know that was a girl/man, don’t know too much about The Bonos. But yes, I would assume if she did the surgery she should consider herself a man, at least he/she sure looks it…

  3. Well. First things first. Chaz is now a man, because he never felt comfortable as a woman. You actually have it correct, Bob, when you say having the parts aren’t everything. Think of it this way: If you were born *physically* a girl, but in all other respect you were still YOU, a dude – and yet society wanted to treat you like a girl and throw you in the girl club… how would that feel? Basically, that you were BORN with the wrong bits. Not that you always kinda sorta thought being a man was fun or wanted a penis or whatev.

    I think it would be fucking awful to feel like you were born the wrong gender. I also give huge kudos to anyone who can come out and say that, as many people feel it, and overcome the INSANE stigmas we all have around doing so.

    Careful – judging a book by it’s cover, the one it was put in not the one that reflects what’s inside, is hurtful. Putting our own issues/experiences on others is too.

    • Now we are getting to the meat and potatoes of the issue, thank you Nikki.
      Of course when I write a piece like this I have to play Devils Advocate to get the talk going.

      So I was having a conversation with a brilliant friend of mine and she was saying that there must be something going on with the brain chemistry. Why do some people associate so closely with the opposite sex. They as you put it were born in the wrong skin. Is it just a matter of socialization or is it something deeper that separates men and women?

      Obviously every homosexual does not want to become what they feel, so what drives some people to go that extra bit and actually become what they innately feel they are. Is it brain chemistry, socialization or something else entirely?

      I think Nikki hit the nail on the head though in saying that all people regardless of gender or orientation deserve respect because in the end we are all just people after all.

  4. Hey Bob, finally popped by to see what your blogging is all about.

    • Thanks for popping in Ani!

      Something I always tell my first time visitors, pull up a chair have a look around. Please enjoy a cookie, they are completely metaphorical but delicious just the same.