Jeff Beck up close and personal.

Wow, I just got in from one of the most incredible evenings seeing Jeff Beck up close and personal from row 16.  As many of you know I seriously dig my rock and roll music.  As a matter of fact a trip to New York a few years ago The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts got me started on my blogging hobby.

Jeff Beck in Winnipeg

When in NYC, I was fortunate enough to have seen Jeff perform on both of those now historic nights and when I learned that he was coming to Winnipeg I was dammed sure that my ass would be out of its seat and dancing again.

Those of you that know Jeff Beck’s music are aware that he is a man of very few words on stage.  His songs by in large have zero vocals.  He prefers, it seems, to let his guitar do the talking.  Tonight I am pleased to announce that not only did it talk, it sang, yelled and cried its way into the very souls of all who were in attendance at the historic Pantages Playhouse theater.

The Pantages is a very intimate setting, an old vaudeville theater dating to the turn of the 20th century.  Playing host to such acts as Laurel and Hardy, Houdini, and Bob Hope.  It is also one of the best sounding rooms, purpose-built for live performance and acoustics.

The hallowed walls reverberated with the screeching and pulsating beats of Jeff’s Big Block, and Little Wing.  They gently caressed the intoxicating string work of People Get Ready, A Day in the Life and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Every note and every scorched fret meeting the anxious ears of the sold out gathering.

Joining Jeff on this Canadian tour are Jason Rebello on Keyboards, Rhonda Smith on bass guitar, and Narada Michael Walden on drums.  Together they provided vocal accompaniment and additional spark to the already electric performance given by Jeff.

But it was the finale that really put a smile on my face, grinning with amazement as Jeff totally surprised the audience with a tricked out rendition of Lady Ga Ga’s  Bad Romance.  Really you have to see this one to believe the brilliance of his guitar work.

So lets all gather round the screen and have a look at Jeff and group doing what they do best.  Rocking  the house! Enjoy.

5 responses to “Jeff Beck up close and personal.

  1. Like your winnipeg jets shirt!! =) WINNIPEG GO< WINNIPEG =)
    They won tonight!

  2. Oh you lucky man! I so wish I would have been there. Love Jeff Beck but haven’t been fortunate to see him live yet but when he gets to Europe I will be there!

    • This is the second time I’ve been lucky enough to have seen him, he blows me away every time!! The skill he possesses is just out of this world.

  3. It was an incredible evening, the room was completely silent for “A Day in the Life”. People were literally hanging on every note in the piece, and of course Big Block just rocks my world.