Winnipeg Jets Anthem: I just gotta hit that!

Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit wrapped up in the Winnipeg Jets new season.  In fact I have it on the big screen as I type this.

Local artists working with Ace Burpee of snow sculpture fame have crafted a new twist on the hit dance tune Party Rock Anthem.

For your listening and dancing enjoyment, let’s spin this mother.

Are you dancing???



6 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Anthem: I just gotta hit that!

  1. Michael Harrison

    Tell me this isn’t what they play when the team skates out?

  2. Okay, that totally sounds less like a sports team anthem and more like something that should be playing around 1 a.m. in a gay dance club. Perhaps the Jets are trying to tap into a new audience? The Jets are a sports team, I’m assuming, and not an ice skating troupe?

  3. LMAO, Too funny, no the Jets are a professional Hockey Team. Lots of hard hitting in the corners and taking the man into the boards.

    Now that I think of it, some of that does sound like rough gay sex…. Hmmm

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    • No I hadn’t thought of translating my blog to Spanish. If someone wants to read me there are all sorts of translators available on the net. In fact I even wrote a post in Norwegian once using Google Translate.